Woman tell me

Posted: March 12, 2014 in poetry
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Woman tell me:
When you were a little girl did you want to be a princess or a fairy?
Woman tell me:
Is the world a falling wall of endless cocks trying to twist out of their fixings to plunge into your secret treasure?
Woman tell me:
Is there a mass of hands reaching out to touch you where you would prefer not to be touched?
Woman tell me:
Why don’t you like me? Why won’t you like me? All I ever wanted was for you to like me.
Love is another issue.
Woman tell me:
Do you wonder who wants you? Who doesn’t want you? Who doesn’t care?
Woman tell me:
Why is confidence so important? Every asshole has confidence. All the monsters in the world have confidence as they have no soul or humility.
Woman tell me:
Does it hurt you when I sneak a glance at your beautiful round ass? Am I objectifying you?
Woman tell me:
Do I frighten you? Am I too needy? Am I too strange? Am I too creepy?
Woman tell me:
Do you feel alone like I do? Do you long for union? Or is it just me?
Woman tell me:
Should I buy you a drink? Should I open the door for you? Am I sexist?
Woman tell me:
Will the suffragettes come to castrate me in the late night anal darkness?
Woman tell me:
Who do you love? Who do you want to love? Am I unloveable?
Woman tell me:
Did someone abuse you? Did all men abuse you? Did God abuse you?
I curse all mankind if one of us has hurt,
Someone as wonderful as you.


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