The Train

Posted: March 13, 2014 in poetry
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No-one looks their neighbour in the eye
On the train.
What fearful diseases must lurk in the soul of another human being, transmitted with a glance,
That we like sightless sentinels avoid all eye contact
On the train.
We stare at our feet, we stare our phones, we stare at the crappy public service announcement posters,
On the train
‘Next Stop Welshpool.’
Smart phones hypnotize the passengers like spinning mandalas
On the train.
They poke out arcane alphabets with their finger-tips and thumbs,
On the train.
But smart phones are not smart enough to teach community,
On the train.
And only the old or sanity-impaired will talk to you,
On the train.
The pretty girls seem to have some profound and esoteric secret that they will never share,
On the train.
We come to the next stop, some of people get off, a some get on
On the train.
The doors slide open as on star-trek with barely a whistle,
On the train.
And deep within I wish I had the courage to speak some overwhelming profundity about this sorry situation,
On the train.
To leave words hanging in judgement over the hollow loneliness of a carriage full of people,
On the train.
Jerimiah would have said something,
On the train.

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