The Kingdom of Heaven

Posted: May 26, 2014 in poetry
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Take me to a place where infinite love is an everlasting fire,
Where there are no victims because there are no victimizers,
Where the voice of Jesus is heard loudly and clearly saying ‘Shalom.’
Where the tree of life gives its leaves to children of God for their healing,
Where all live as brothers and sisters and no-one goes hungry or thirsty, no-one is without a place to stay,
The universe will be radiant then with no corruption or tears,
No-one is howling with loneliness in a cheap room,
Or drinking themselves to death because they have a hole in their soul,
Or ignoring their kids and wishing their life would end,
All are imitating Jesus’ love and not each other’s rage or pain,
Imitating his love for the neighbour and the other,
And from love, truth, creativity and hope flow like a torrential river,
Art mystifies and glorifies God in the kingdom of Heaven,
Where the lion lies down with the lamb,
And the whole earth sings new melodies out of the wonders of God’s eternal unconditional love.

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