Real Estate

Posted: June 7, 2014 in poetry
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Fuck privately located executive abodes with skinny intestine-like passageways and fuck having your own private driveway even if it goes up into the sky.
Fuck suburban self-confidence, provincial self-assurance and all delusions of grandeur: humility is where it’s at.
Fuck having a generous kitchen and dining room to eat lamb’s testicles in and fuck having open plan main living areas where one supposedly lives.
Fuck women who want to be fucked.
Don’t fuck those who don’t.
Fuck all of space and time down to the infinitesimal atoms!
Fuck all my pagan, wind-swept, nihilistic influences that make me want me to throw everything on a bonfire and watch it all disappear in flames and curlicues of smoke!
Fuck easy-care courtyards and fuck under the balustrades like guinea pigs.
The earth cries out for blood!
Mutiny in heaven! My dreams are a river of violet flames!
The broken wings of the angels are stained with shit, they are drunk on Wild Turkey and they are looking for a fight!
Meteors and comets pummel the planet into jelly, lightning strikes the ground repeatedly, thunder reverberates and I am left with my buckshot beard, a ham sandwich and a letter to a whore.
Fuck the front brick perimeter wall with gates to hide behind and fuck having a fucking flowing open plan kitchen!
Who will come with me and dance and moan around the fire with preternatural arabesques and grotesque grimaces, a drunken reel in a circle.
Fuck alfresco entertaining areas and extensive ocean views, fuck purple elephants poisoning my mind, fuck me and fuck you.


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