My Mandrake Mind

Posted: June 30, 2014 in poetry
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My mandrake mind is peeling through the moments,
That whip to frenzy penguins of despair,
And keep me in pursuit of inconsequential dust-stuff.
The will to live is captain now of dying,
But only for a moment then desperation,
So middle thoughts still keep my brain a’frying:
What if, what will be, and what might occur.

The hobo sun is soaring through the sky,
And everything seems possible for an instant,
All is simple as a pin in the eye of madness.
The parts fit cleanly to the life contraption.

Bend not the fingernails of the harpie filled with humus,
Love not the suffering of little furry creatures,
Keep not the company of those who love to make pain,
Go to sleep at night and then do it again.

  1. Nathan Hobby says:

    Good poem! Just added a link to your site from mine – finally. 🙂


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