Lara Bingle

Posted: February 24, 2015 in poetry
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Lara Bingle
Swimsuit princess
Reality show queen
Lara Bingle
Cricketer boyfriend
Perfect Tan
Cool scene
Lara Bingle
Topless photos
Walking on a beach
Lara Bingle
Juicy nipples
Porcelain ripples
Comfort breasts
Lara Bingle
Actor boyfriend
And nipple clamps
Lara Bingle
Talk to me
Of plastic porn
Lara Bingle
Are you single?
Cellophane celebrity.
Lara Bingle
Come, let’s mingle
Let’s go score some Ecstasy.

  1. You fully capture the celebrity theme. Amazing.


  2. My feelings exactly. ~ Dennis


    • thanks so much for reading my stuff guys…there will be a book coming out sooner or later (probably just a chapbook) with the latest poems….I will hang on to a few copies to post out to people who like the blog….


  3. steve watts says:

    Bingle is a $!@t.Any high profile guy who gets involved with Bingle can kiss their careers and endorsements goodbye.


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