Psalm of Lament

Posted: April 17, 2015 in poetry
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Oh Lord, I know things are better where you are
In your heaven where there are streams of whisky
And rivers of beer
Where there are mountains of the best Columbian cocaine
And vast fields of Mull plants swaying in a gentle mint-flavoured breeze
Where magic mushrooms grow all over the ground with every new rain
And the sap of the opium poppy is always flowing
But down here on earth it’s hard
Evil men try to rip me off at every opportunity
Crazy fuckers attempt to infest me with their craziness
Homeswest send me endless forms to fill out so that they may map out my depravity
Schizoaffective malcontents knock on my door
Offering a couple of cones that will cost my soul
Dead eyed dealers with barracuda-minds cavort through my imagination in purple paisley suits
Weird lost souls with bloated pupils suck up my oxygen and leave me feeling confused and alienated
Hock-shop harridans sexually manipulate me into being their slave and emotional vomit bucket
Drug-fucked tattooed criminals plot meth labs over the road then blow themselves up
Standover men shave my head then they put alcohol all over my bald scalp so that I may suffer
Bullies pack cones of chilli powder for me and tell me its dope and I break into a tubercular coughing fit
Psychotic meth-heads plot my downfall from a distance as I have become entwined in their madness
Please stop them oh Lord, don’t hurt them, but stop their wickedness from corrupting my masculine grid
From castrating me into a submissive bitch boy
See their hearts full of Godless hatred and spite
See their minds full of money making schemes and murderous intent
Guide them to experiences which will foster compassion and repentance in their hearts
May their change of heart manifest in acts of generosity and love to all their friends and neighbours
Let us become friends and forget all about dominance and submission
And lead us all to meet you at the end of time when the sky falls down
And we join the cosmic banquet
And drink the wine of the new Kingdom.


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