O raven-headed woman

Posted: May 1, 2015 in poetry
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O raven-headed woman
Spend a little time with me
O raven-headed woman
Take my hugs and love for free

O raven- headed woman
Heavenly breasts ripe flesh pillows
Thighs of secret lusciousness
You have hacked me to the marrow

O raven-headed woman
Like a shot of smack your kiss
Quick of mind and warm of heart
Show me passion, show me bliss

O raven-headed woman
Heaven knows you’re intricate
I long to die between your thighs
So succulent and delicate

  1. I think, like most of the women in my poems, she is a projection of my unconscious longing and desires….would be much more fun if she was actually real (sigh)…. I do have a tendency to put unobtainable women on a pedastal


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