Meditation in a consumer cosmos

Posted: May 7, 2015 in poetry
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Between emotion and transaction
Between starvation and satisfaction
Between thought and expression
Between intuition and feeling
Between broadcast and transmission
Between action and inaction
This moment
The present
The now
Thoughts pass by like clouds on a windy day
Noted, but soon forgotten
I am one with the Universe
Seated and stoned immobile
Free from attachment
Beneath my Bodhi tree
Mystically silent
I watch my life drift by on a boat to Enlightenment
Not for me these tabulations of capricious capitalism
Not for me this mental masturbation of money and megalomania
Not for me this trendy mastication of macrobiotic illusions
Not for me this idle conversation about who sleeps with whom
And who sleeps with no-one
Not for me these clichéd observations channelled from commercial television
Not for me this brutal greed-head logic putting a price on compassion
Not for me this procession of talentless tabloid celebrity
Not for me these inscrutable letters from my friends at Centrelink
Not for me these pre-digested sound-bite political ravings
Not for me this endless grasping and craving for cold castrating cash
Not for me this tweeting twitter trauma teaming with trolls
Not for me this latex-clad consumer electric nightmare projecting advertising into my dreams
Not for me these dildo-head dilettantes sucking up my oxygen with twelve steps to being tedious
I will simply breathe and watch my thoughts slide by
Breathe in suffering
Breathe out compassion

  1. like. esp the word ‘tabulations’

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  2. I totally feel you. But how can one cursed into the monetary world free themselves from it? As I see it you need money to be homeless in this country, we are so trapped by dead presidents that we cant breathe without them. I have entertained the idea of living in my camper van but how would i get gas, what if my van broke, how could i deal with shitting in a bag and not bathing for weeks just sounds awful ha! I want to just farm! Live a simple life and be isolated by wilderness but thats a 200k investment haha. Why did we let the world progress into this greed striken contest? Why do we feel the need to be important, remembered and controlling over others. If we had learned from the Indians this country would be so much more beatiful and conservative of the earth. For our future we need to break the chains and free ourselves from this consumer hatred pattern we march along in. Fuck human progression we need to regress until we find the commonality between us and get along!


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