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Fuck this shit
I like women
Women don’t like me
It’s a conundrum
A paradox
Who the fuck wants to fuck a middle-aged fat bastard
Who the fuck wants to cuddle up to someone sweaty, bloated and pointless
How much longer will I self-destruct:
For love
For the sake of pain
For madness
For joy
For kicks
For blitzkrieg insanity
For lack of a good woman

I like women
Women don’t like me
I am:
Too fat
Too lonely
Too desperate
Too maudlin
Too pathetic
Too weird
Too stoned
Too drunk
So I have another beer
And I have another cigarette
I have another cone
Occasionally I have a shot
And exude infinite soul-longing for silent death-bliss
Which will come on like a shot of smack and euthanize my emptiness
And set me free to roam the realm of Spirits
With angel’s wings

Death to Tony Abbot

Posted: July 16, 2014 in poetry
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If they let this vicious bastard,
Pass his budget through the senate,
He’ll screw the battlers through the floor and out the other-side.
I didn’t vote for the evil bat-eared budgie-smuggler did you?
Did your mum or dad or anyone you know?
The refugees get totally screwed,
For the next three years no matter what we do.

The rich will be richer the poor will be poorer,
Australia will be a meaner hungrier land,
You’ll pay more to go to the doctor,
You won’t get paid at all sometimes if you’re young and unemployed.

The poor and the destitute will stalk the land and remain poor and destitute.
Radiation of suffering will suffuse the land, weakening the spirit of the whole country.
And Australia will get colder and colder inside – it might turn into Syberia emotionally.
Who will rescue us from this greed-head fascist monster?
Baloney Abbot would be much better.