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Take your medicine you flagrant wookie

Spread mercurochrome first lover unannounced

Bend unwatched while my delusions frenzy

Slake magnificent hart crane harlequinss


Laura will I love you make this weird

I will take you to places feared

Mark my innocence before your spittoon

Hide out with me in a sacred room


And that’s what makes it so magical

The moments when I talk to you

I can’t believe what you’re saying

And I know what you’re displaying


Talking to me

Through your primitive ancestry

Lurking beneath algic fronds

Like an octopus


Magnifying stars

In dodgy bars

Be with me baby

Until mutant time

Makes geeks sublime

Cryptic whispers hang in the air in the fellaheen night
hhBending the mind magnetised over the moment,
I will wrench the lost evening till I eek out sweet wine
I will not pilfer the pretty girls’ hearts and keep them in a pouch of velvet
Instead I will coruscate with generosity of spirit taking each instant as injected with farce
Laughing at the universe- it’s all so absurd and capricious
And I will moan for lost loves and shallow relationships,
And weep at the frozen necessity of death.