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Posted: February 17, 2017 in poetry
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I have a recurring dream where I’m back living with my parents

And they are giving me shit about not having a job

Then I’m talking to my brother

And I say  to him

‘If anyone ever asks you to go to Laos

Don’t go/ Don’t go/Don’t go

My brother died in Laos and we don’t know what killed him

Then I wake up

Ah the transcendent bastardry of life
The way a wonderful woman is always over the horizon and unobtainable
The way jealously poisons friendship
The way pretension ruins talent
The way everything reduces to blood, spit and unfulfilled desires
The way ugly old people always look so sad
The way youth festers and crumbles into middle aged mediocrity
The way my younger brother died of unknown causes in Laos
The way the Star-man never descends from the sky to take us away from this painful earth
The way David Bowie is dead
The way I can’t tell the crazy from the sane
The way the stars are pin-cushioning my brain
The way the voices of hell are in my head
The way I lie each night in an empty bed
The way it is not the way I want Universe to be
But maybe the problem is me


Posted: March 4, 2014 in poetry
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You were always just so cool,
In your uber-gnarly sixteen hole Doc Marten’s boots and leather jacket,
Which you passed onto me and I could never quite pull off.
You were always just so cool,
With your girlfriends and your grin and your crack-pot schemes,
Your graphic design and arty inflections.
You were always just so cool,
Meeting The Ramones in Amsterdam,
Running amuck in Kashmir.

Then we dived into the smack.
Hey it was the nineties!
We were the real trainspotting.
It descended like a mist of cottonwool,
As we speed-balled with abandon through the endless streets of the night,
Laughing at the thought of our ghosts and howling out our prophecies with our mates.
Nodding off in corners in the embrace of the poppy,
And listening to Nirvana.

And no matter how messed up we were you always looked after me like an older brother,
But you were my younger brother.
Then we came out the other side and you went North to get away,
And built an adventurer’s life for yourself on the boats.
Two hundred years ago you would have become a pirate,
You were always going off on a new adventure diving or going off to some magical azure waters.
So you made some money and bought a place in Cairns,

But I never got over to see you there.
We were going to take on the night in Cairns,
But it never happened.
And some fateful day,
A mate wanted you to go to Laos with him,
And you said yes, take me to the wild lands of Asia!
First thing you did was crack a rib kick boxing,
For which you may have been given the wrong medication,
But you never made it out,
You never came back,
We don’t know if you were killed or died from an interaction with medication and alcohol.
And now all I have are your sunnies,
Which make me look cooler but not cool enough,
Not as cool as you.