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The bush chemist has ripped me off and pulverized my faith in human nature
I took him into my home and gave him a place to stay
I fed him a multitude of meals
He’s stolen my piggies, my computer and my phone
He cut my phone cable so I couldn’t call the police
His evil is a blunt instrument of suppurating psychosis
I bet he’s stuck the computer and the phone up his arm with no guilty thoughts
Where are my wonderful cuddly piggies?
Probably hungry and lonely hiding out in some blackfella house
Perversity and malice lurk in the human heart
The mangled barb wire that twists inside his cat-flap mind is the essence of speed psychosis
Wild pansexual delusions oscillate through his crazy brain and I have become the center of them
I go to his squat to try to persuade him to tell me where my piggies are
And he threatens me with a dirty hepatitus-ridden syringe
Look after the least of these my brothers but watch your back

Bush Chemist
He’s gone now,
But what sticks in the mind most,
Is his preoccupation with finding
Ever more stupid ways to manufacture things to stick up his arm.
With prescription medicine, methylated spirits, baking soda and various other crap,
When he wasn’t sticking stuff
That he bought from someone else up his arm.
Amateur chemists and armchair experts abound in the drug world:
But it’s the first time I’ve heard that you separate the T H from the C when you’re making hash.
Or that a common antidepressant can readily be turned by chemical magic into speed.

When he sold me pot he quickly stole it back
He was always surrounded by a hurricane of little plastic bags
But he never seemed to sell much,
And I don’t think he will,
Unless someone has started buying bullshit.