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Mark my cryptic madness

Love my hopelessness

Talley up my magnificent frenzy

Break my infinite sadness


How can you look at me

With your rebellious technology

How will you romance me

With your primitive ancestry


How can you look like me

Why do you try to resemble

My insignificant shadows

And my primitive ancestry


Now do you see me

Pelican moroseness

Crow feather pain

Under mistletoe


Cryptic whispers hang in the air in the fellaheen night
hhBending the mind magnetised over the moment,
I will wrench the lost evening till I eek out sweet wine
I will not pilfer the pretty girls’ hearts and keep them in a pouch of velvet
Instead I will coruscate with generosity of spirit taking each instant as injected with farce
Laughing at the universe- it’s all so absurd and capricious
And I will moan for lost loves and shallow relationships,
And weep at the frozen necessity of death.