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Posted: October 13, 2017 in poetry
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The holy trio of Iggy, Bowie and Reed

Now just Iggy

But Iggy just keeps on going

Causing trouble in a spectacular manner

Just imagine Iggy at the Big Day Out

Iggy swings the microphone around his head

Then it hits him the face

Then he says

‘Let’s fuck this shit up’

And starts pulling down the curtains around the stage

So let us fuck shit up

Just like Iggy

Every day

As everything is fucked anyway

Let us try to fuck it further and deeper



Bury me deep

Posted: March 26, 2015 in poetry
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Bury me deep where worms are feeding
Streetlights burn pale green
Bury me where virgins are bleeding
At my funeral play Ween

Bury me deep where the worms are feeding
Where the soil is moist and cold
Forgive my ghost and my memory’s ghosts
At least I was never old

Bury me deep where the worms are feeding
Maggots are my friends
Let me desiccate and rot to bones
Now pain is at an end

Bury me deep where the worms are feeding
Jesus is now my friend
Let me fester the ground till hell rains down
And the earth begins to bend.