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Twist a string of beads
Around a witch’s waist
Build a crappy tent of bulbous bones
Against the rabid rain

Which pelts poison in your brain
And soon drives you electrically insane
Nerve toxins in the neurons
Birthing paralytic rictus
And quasi simian spasticity

Beat a rubber eel upon a warlock’s wobbly bits
Signify a morbid mountain of madness
Spit upon the surfaces of suppurating melancholy
Dance into the crack within the nothing
Like a stoned fool on smack
They’ll never want you back
Until all is black as boots and empty

Taste a poxy potion of hallucinatory mushrooms
See Christ crucified with the head of a Beast
See the many horns and eyes of the beast
See the real Christ crucified in pulsating pain
See the wood of the cross multiplying across Europe
See the Shroud of Tourin photocopying a saviour
See Christ crucified on every tree
And every tree a Bible
See towering cathedrals of light hidden from mortal retinas
Fractal kaleidoscopic sun structures of infinite intricacy
Bedazzling and befuddling desperately then
Faces without eyes emerge from the void
Like fungus growing from a corpse

Flashes of spark-light phosphorescence against the windows of the skull
Mad carousing reptiles wrap their bodies around a totem pole
Wood hacked to grinning skulls piled to heaven vertical
Fire flickers and the children of light dance their circle
Drums beat a rumbling rhythm that hypnotizes
Summoning old Spirits to bring in a new age


Posted: June 25, 2014 in poetry
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Bend not the root of the twice kissed eel,
Always put the drama of the moment on display,
Betray the dreams of the ghosts who suck your soul,
Make mischief with the concept of a day.

Never weasel words of compassion.
Never beat a wookie with a bat.
Never make love with an alien from above,
Be friendly to those who want to chew the fat.

Blather the priest who shrouds you with a veil,
Bother the person who is meant to be in charge,
Take every instinct and turn it into fairy floss,
Always fathom thoughts you may enlarge.

Crumble the expression that you’ve made quite an impression,
Never dance the rhumba with a goat,
Keep your hands to yourself my friend,
Please don’t put them on my throat.

Embarrass the haughty and the mighty and the great,
Laugh at pictures of guinea pigs in hats,
Life’s a smoke and then it’s on fire,
Never try to build a dam with cats.

Brandish your contempt for mediocrity,
Don’t be a sell-out for a pocket full of stars,
Don’t soak yourself in suburban sentiment,
It’s probably wise never to steal cars.