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Symbiotic empathy
Is precious as platinum
Person to person network pulsating
Holding hands with minds and mutual goodwill
Understanding pain like nails hammered into souls
Interdividual manifestations of companionship
Mirror-feeling alien emotions of others
Can unite us like no other magic
As we are social animals
When we feel the other’s pain
And can imagine their journey
Compassion flows like honey


Crack bone upon your mobile phone
Come out of sky-scraping Satanic towers of Moloch and Mammon
Do a silly, sunlit dance like an insane drunken hobo all over the moribund urban streets
Moon the captains of industry, reptile lawyer-monsters and asshole accountants
Live your life by dream language and weird associations
Paint the sky psychedelic rainbow colours of love
In your life’s roller disco
Send messages of peace and hope down the new song-lines of the suburbs
And bless each moment with love

Do we all need to be lost strangers in poison empty rooms?
Can we reach out and love our neighbours
Even the guy who stole mobile phone
Even those who beat me, ridiculed me and shaved my head
It’s complicated
Making connections,
Forming a friendship network for socially awkward people and weirdo poets
Does everything have to be so desperate and lonely?
Tear off the shroud of suffering and rise to new psychic energy.
So a new day of compassion and empathy may begin


Posted: January 23, 2015 in poetry
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Hands that grope your ass
Uninvited in darkness
Men pretending to be your friend just to fuck you
Men pretending to be astronauts or fighter pilots just to fuck you
Men pretending to be rich or wearing ridiculous clothes just to fuck you
Men shouting ‘nice arse’, ‘show us your tits’, and ‘I’d do you’ from passing cars
Men reciting tired superannuated lines
Being told you should shave your legs
Being told you should not show too much skin
Being told you’re a slut if you do
And it’s your fault if you get harassed
Being a body and never a brain
Feeling emptied of personhood by constant harassment
Feeling that all men care about is your body
Fearing rape by a friend or a boyfriend
And being told it’s your fault if it happens
Continuously having your boundaries violated by creeps
I hope I understand
Perhaps I don’t
But I’m so different
I feel like a brain without a body
Woman, teach me
Show me your pain
Show me your life
Show me your love
Show me your fears
Show me your joys
Much more than love, all you need is empathy
As Kurt Cobain wrote in his suicide note