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Piggelies chasing piggelies all over the floor
Piggelies in the hay and piggelies in the straw
First Melanie then Maggie pop corning
Following each other
The eternal chasey game
Lovely piggelies with gentle hearts
Cuddly piggelies that make me happy
Loyal piggelies after the prime
Furry piggelies purring as I stroke their backs
Little fat piggelies playing their piggely games
Dancing across the floor in search of fresh prime



my piggies

my piggies

Mary and Martha are my post-evangelical guinea pigs,
They don’t believe in penal substitution,
And emphasize God’s love over his wrath.
They love all their neighbours gay, addicted, promiscuous, black or white.
They love their God by instinct,
And in between eating their own poo, paper and vegetables;
And making all manner of fascinating noises,
They offer sound counsel.
Wheek Wheek! Rumble Rumble! Wheek Wheek!
They shake their bottoms while they rumble,
Then Martha mounts Mary in lesbionic joy.