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Posted: June 24, 2014 in poetry
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The fire that lights the cone sets the world aglow
And fire inside will warp the bottomless psyche.
The acrid smoke of tobacco, the sweet smoke of Mary Jane,
A cocktail of cannabinoids, opening up new cartographies of consciousness.
Smoke fills the bottle and rises to the lungs,
Which flinch and shake in a paroxysm of coughing.
A weird oxygen-deprived lightness in the head,
Then the descent of a warm blanket of stonedness:
Over the brain and underneath the soul,
Over the heart and underneath the mind,
A fuzzy feeling, warm and comforted,
Suppressing thought of mediocre things,
And opening the head to poesy,
By squaring the soul’s circle round the grave.

Stoned Again

Posted: February 25, 2014 in poetry
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I think I can taste the top of my head-
Which seems so useless and so funny.
Colours and music weave together criss-crossing in new harmonies.
Sounds form patterns in the air:
Four-four beats have four sides.
I am born again as an empty shell of a man but warm and comfortable:
No anxiety,
No panic,
No problems,
Sticky and Crumbly joy,
Green light of dreamless night,
Infinite compassion and blue calm waters,
Inhale, exhale through curlicues of smoke.
The world gets better with every toke.

Open House

Posted: February 25, 2014 in poetry
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We follow the new song-lines through the suburbs,
Seeking sacred green in the gathering storm.
Wondering where and why and who?
A pleasing crumble and the stench of apathy,
So relaxing and somehow funny:
If there is no sign go on in.
You and I, blackfella whitefella, are now brothers of the bud.
Thirty bucks to end anxiety,
Thirty bucks to crush depression,
No more pain or pointless longing for release!
And if anyone dobs them in or tries to rip them off-
There are fifteen cousins to answer to!