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Twist my fistula you festering fuck-nosed dildo dangler
Consumer identikit corporate oppressive asshole
Your mother was a Walrus and your father stank of corruption
Suck on my sausage weasel and inhale the odour of dead dogs
I know you fisted the ass of the ship of state
I know you insinuate yourself into myriad high-level machinations
I know you are Illuminati and Elders of Zion
I know you are a well-spring of malignant evil
Oozing out like an oil spill on pristine reef

Look at yourself in your Gucci suit and strangulating pedestrian tie
With your ozone flavoured brain and money funnel fists
With your perverted knees and mouth full of fleas
With your kleptomaniac dagger-fingers and leprous gaping grin
With your banana boat ears and broken piano teeth
With your parasitic mouth and gangrenous temperament

In your inner eye a flicker-show of death, pain and cannibalistic lust
In your reptile brain pyramid schemes and retail vacuum dreams
In your mind inside your mind an infinite regression of self-similar malevolent automatons
All strategizing domination and control of poor and destitute people
By counting stock prices and watching the Dow-Jones index
To plot ever more efficient and productive economic mind-matrices
To embody oppression in each tastefully chosen good and service
As a self-absorbing sponge soaking up last pennies of battlers

Please don’t bring me down:
With your cocaine greed and your suburban sentiments,
With your methane safari lust and your keeping up with the neighbours,
With your Charles Manson smile on your wolf-like teeth,
With your mobile phone calls and your cut-throat razor witticisms,
With your knowledge of suffering and your refusal to act.

Hey, you, I’m talking to you- with your policeman haircut and shiny shoes.
You act like an overlord and boss people around,
You metamorphosize into a photo-gallery of Satan’s faces,
You plunder and rape your way through your pestilent life.
Your eyes are dead until you swallow love, then they are in flame.
You always look good to the outside world, but underneath you are hepatitis-c-filled syringes and used condoms.
Cellophane Worker, Insolent Parasite, Tedious Evil.