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A subtle shift of bone beneath reddened skin:
Pock-marked in places, Henry oscillates a mood-wave
Between a grimace of enthusiasm and reactive misery.
Alone in a crowd and dissolving into misty dream states,
As his consciousness thickens to a paste of confusion,
He meditates on a morbid wish for numbness.

Henry cultivates a rambunctious beard.
‘This is most unseemly’ says Mr Bones.
‘I think you have misplaced your ethics,
And your proclivities are as problematic
Starting with the alcoholism and then the drugs
Which ripple out from your unwholesome impulsivity’

Henry drinks from the event horizon of literary glory,
Then vomits a kaleidoscope abstract onto his shirt.
He is luminous in the pantheon of beautiful screw-ups
But spasms of salience and mystery are seldom rewarded with happiness.
Sooner than is fair he will suffer like a dog-turd underfoot again,
And long for the blessed suction of the infinite void of nonexistence.



Closing in

Fanged delusions cavort through consciousness

Viper-tongued ladies with dreams bursting fire

Wasted thoughts wending their way out from the id like fireflies out of a vortex

Stinking conceptions corruptly metastasizing all over the mind

Cancerous growth of fetid paranoia unto recurring patterns of depravity

All spiking and stabbing into possible happiness till I drown in pessimism

Closing in

Nuclear violence from North Korea lights up a possible earth

Crazy shit as usual from Trump blazing orange fury tweets

Accusers and haters surround me in a circle of derision

Closing in

Like a gigantic squeezing fist

Chaos and corruption from government cronies

Poverty encroaching everywhere virally

Neocon-Nut-jobs rattling racism like castanets

Closing in

Like gangrene up a limb by increments



Posted: March 21, 2014 in poetry
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The transience of each moment of joy and expectation drags me down like lead:
At once it is gone and again I am left here all alone in an untidy room with my guinea pigs,
Trying to replay a good memory. My face smiled once but now seems curiously blank.
How far can we travel through bat-wings and bones until we reach the shores of the Lethe?
Should we hold ourselves accountable for our insolent certifiable dreams?
Or should we give up and smoke of the fruit of the good earth while lounging about in corduroy flares and impractical hats, hatching crackpot schemes?

When we see the beauty in this life amidst the stains of fallibility and sin, the rebel sun rises and the whole world is flooded with the light of bliss.
We are transfixed and rendered overflowing with good emotion and consequent talk,
As the moment reappears again and lasts for a while.
And all the beer-soaked, blitzkrieg days seem worthwhile:
We soar on the backs of angelic eagles and howl our love eternally.