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Symbiotic empathy
Is precious as platinum
Person to person network pulsating
Holding hands with minds and mutual goodwill
Understanding pain like nails hammered into souls
Interdividual manifestations of companionship
Mirror-feeling alien emotions of others
Can unite us like no other magic
As we are social animals
When we feel the other’s pain
And can imagine their journey
Compassion flows like honey

Face Tatoo

Posted: June 7, 2014 in poetry
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What would it be like having a tattoo on your face?
Would you be ridiculed by people at a tea party?
Would you ever be loved?
You would be judged without mercy.
You would be hung out to dry over a bonfire of bourgeois suburbia,
A reject from society doomed to wander the back streets alone.
A criminal against the norms of decency, a shock like electricity to the moral backbone of elderly women in hats.
Even if you are all those things people don’t usually advertise so boldly, letting the whole world see that they are on the edge.
And if you weren’t any of those things, would there be those who care that you’re not?
What if you changed your mind and decided you didn’t want it?
I don’t think I could do it.