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languidly he lies in bed
triumphant conquests history
sweaty nights of frenzied sleeplessness
alone in an empty bed with his filth
inside hollow inside dead
shit-stained sheets
cum-stained doona
morbid laughter lines of sorrow in sheet wrinkles
gallons of insomnia
rivers of awakening
a presence at the end of the bed sits pensively
incubus succubus
dead within and without
translucent spirit
crouching to pounce lasciviously
and assimilate
sleep-body to ghost-particles
the horror
translate to intricate aramaic utterances
the horror
sucking out the sauce of life
vacuum soul ether-pump frenzy then
dead-weight adorns the rotten mattress
bloated corspse-flesh
decomposing to maggot-mush
and onward unto bone
once again alone


There’s a foetus crawling up my leg
It has no pupils and eyes as white as an aspirin,
Vestigial limbs, no finger or toes
There’s a foetus crawling up my leg
Translucent skin- I see every purple vein in an infinite intricate network
It’s covered in mean-green festering slug-slime
There’s a fucked-up foetus crawling up my leg
I think it’s hungry
I thought I heard it whisper my name
There’s a fucked-up foetus with fangs crawling up my leg
Perhaps it’s a vampire
But not one of those wussy twinkly ones from Twilight
Perhaps it’s a badass like the ones from Buffy
There’s a fierce fucked-up foetus with fangs crawling up my leg
If I’m lucky, it will drink my blood
If I’m not it will also eat my brain
There’s a fierce fucked up foetus with fangs crawling up my inner thigh
I hope it’s just a dream
Or an acid flash-back
Maybe it’s a ghost
Maybe it’s a ghoul
Maybe it’s a succubus
Maybe it’s an incubus
Sylvia, Sylvia- is it one of your demon children?
Sylvia, Sylvia- did you see it too in 1963?
Sylvia, Sylvia- did it leave scars on your succulent body?
Sylvia, Sylvia- did you see it when you stuck your head in the oven?
Sylvia, Sylvia- does it still haunt you now?
Sylvia, Sylvia- Have you met your Nazi Daddy?
Because ‘Every woman adores a fascist’
Sylvia, Sylvia- I hope you’ve mellowed out in fifty years- you suffered so much
But you made sadness and death so gothically intricately beautiful
Sylvia, Sylvia- I think I love you