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Art by Aydan Lesinavicious



Blue and red darting like fireflies through the succulent eyes of hades into a central sexed ape-blend

Black outline charcoal coloured road-way riding out with one hand waving at the sky

Stripes cut a new day over the plastic scene with dreams of belonging in an oyster shell universe

Representing a place of rest or self-involvement inside quiet languorous relaxation

Where iteration and reiteration congeal into repetitive unconscious meditations

Towards the sky like missiles the tri-coloured chunks rise over the sycophantic city

Stripes pink oh purple v imploding in minds mouth like a chocolate, sunflower daydreams over an arcane confessions of love

V for victim or victory or virginity or velvet- four pronged sensational visitation

At rest and slowly radiating belonging like beer with mates at Sunday Sessions

Flesh awaiting sunshine glistening light confabulating coruscation with concentration

Sensation of triangles in intricate lounge room- they hurtle past at light speed

At rest like a sphinx transparent to gravity waves as they cross-fertilize through consciousness

Baby skin purity radiates earth-light day vibration caress and make joy of each movement

At rest like a stone Buddha covered with moss tufts

Being resplendent in personality yet enjoying being somnolent and exhibiting negative capability

Flowers of flesh tones with yellow winnowed straw marking shapes in a fluid field

Pink effusion eclipsing reason teasing out logic until we are immersed in a sea of green sentience

Perforated by green plant streams leading out into knots

Each individual a leafing stem of magical metaphors

Abstract red and white comet multiplied by desire and cutting through the universe like a sword

Red and white stripes towards the heavens angled sweetly in a holy garden

A fire place of purple light opens out into a comfortable room

White frenzy red frenzy pink frenzy infinity frenzy

Yellow splotch red wipes exploding fireworks

Thoughts of scraping and scratching

Red white and blue fireballs crashing through the ether

V for vim and vitality and vertigo as I look down from a high building

Obtuse splotching purple to pink to red haloes sweeping up sensibility

And I sit here being obvious

At rest like a leaf in a rain forest litter



pirate sky
What am I waiting for? Where am I going? The build-up of detritus constricts like a giant python. It’s all too much. I feel besieged from every side and I begin to choke on fluff and nonsense, to go cotton wool blind.
Infinity’s five dimensions of nowhere, a subtle oscillation at the base of the spine, coming in up through the chakras and out through the middle eye, giving me visions of mountains full of icicles of glass, where at any moment I might be cut to ribbons of suppurating flesh.
Omega at the corner of each instant of knowing, brown paper packages tied up with yearning: I walk beside the river Azgard, I play the pipes of pan and the critters of the forest dance a merry jig. I talk to the critters and the critters talk to me.
There are purple azaleas to light up my day till it burns with heavenly fire, precious to me for the moment. I number each one and record it in a little black ledger, a number beside the name of every girl I’ve ever known.
For I am formed of better stuff I like to say to myself, Mine is the time, but then you hit forty and the hours no longer stretch to infinity and time no longer waits for you, it is elusive and gone like a memory, faded like an old photograph, misty and translucent.
No longer am I a kid, as in ‘the kids are alright’ or the ‘kids just got crazy drunk and created a ruckus’. My time has gone and all I can do is try to look like I’m still funky, that I’m the man, That I own an extensive collection of Hawaiian shirts.
No longer do I shoot myself full of heroin and wonder at the total and utter relief of all the random pain of existence, the days are no longer fuzzy pillows of satiation, moments of nodding off in the corner and moments of dancing.
Onwards, upwards until my insides almost burst, until my eyeballs pop out of my skull, roaring random obscenities in memory of a secret name, I am the bees upon the trees, watching, growing and buzzing through the cosmos at warp speed.
A new day is dawning, the psychedelic sunrise is a kaleidoscope of colourful laser rays- We can all jitterbug madly together around the fire and howl our love forever to a thousand women we’ve never met.
A gathering of love in a forest, the leaves of the trees speckled by the sun and salted by The Spirit, people dancing in the rain, people making love and growing their hair for the hell of it into ever more interesting permutations, people in love with just being as one.
What bliss to join with brothers and sisters in communion, aching together for social justice and breaking home-baked bread together, to feel at home and nurtured like a baby inside her mother- free at last, Praise the Lord! I’m free at last!