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Curse this rotten world

Of loneliness and pain

Life just life still going on

Suffering starts again

Curse this useless life

This cancerous callous maze

Forever lost bearing the cost

Of endless bad decisions

Curse this talk of hate

Rage and rushing poison

Life like a barbed wire caresses

Death like a sensuous kiss

Curse this rotten world

A frenzy of delusion

Let all things rot inside themselves

To perfect their confusion

Curse this rotten earth

Like a harlot giving birth

Curse the threat of danger

And the fist in the face


Cellophane trousers and corpulent kisses
Right on your bottom my hooligan love
Come to crescendo then meet round the bend
Just so invigorating doing your friend
Beaten and broken and bust and contused
Never beginning and always confused
Newspaper thoughts in your sand-paper mind
O how I wish I could leave you behind
Magnificent dreams and magnificent schemes
Comingling violence and grinning obscene
In desert, in rainbows beside the grey earth
How much does my brain cost?
What is it worth?
While crows pick the eyes from a four year old child
Life is haphazard your essence is wild
Feed me explosions and flowers and beer
Take me out dancing and let me be weird
By growing a subtly stoned grey hipster beard



Morning time four am
Seven rows of teeth
Want a black void
Black as boots
Black as the death of a child

Evening time six pm
Seven bloodshot eyes in fur
Want total totalitarianism
Blood on the streets
And blood in the mouth

Morning time five am
Seven horns of brass
Want a valley full of bones
Slowly reducing to dust
And symbolising the future for all

Evening Time eleven pm
Seven wan but wonderful women
Swoon into the arms of a stereotypical man
Entwine lips in a profound kiss
And know that they are loved

Morning time five am
Seven sexy succubuses
Want to suck out my chi sexually
But the moment of sexual release
Will be worth death

Evening time eight pm
Seven diamond encrusted celebrities
Want so much to be alone
But are stalked by paparazzi and publicists
Until they OD on adoration

Morning time seven am
Seven lonely cleaners
Want to be delivered from their suffering
Earn barely enough to pay the rent
And dream of wealth and education

Drumheller Valley Storm Clouds

A poison rain falls on me
I am broken like a forgotten plate
I am shattered like a window by a baseball bat
I am drowning in pain
I am buried in melancholy
So hard to get traction in the mud and the mire
With malevolent crows waiting to pick out my eyes
And vultures circling in a dream of my dead flesh
Behind me a vicious beast pads along
Satisfied in a pace that intimidates
Waiting to eat me up like a potato chip
A beast with horns, a beast with fangs like razor blades
A beast wit foul breath and a stench of rotting meat
Covered in shaggy purple fur with blood red eyes that glow in the dark
My back aches from a multitude of steps in this miserable pilgrimage
I know it will be over soon
Death will come as a longed for kiss
Then silence

Unrequited Love

Posted: December 8, 2014 in poetry
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To find someone who loves me as much as I love them
Unrequited love is a miserable trip
Even if it’s good for poetry
To find someone who loves me as much as I love them
Unrequited love is shit and maggots feeding on shit
No point in ripping my heart out of my chest for some woman who thinks I’m a joke
To find someone who loves me as much as I love them
Unrequited love is a leach on my soul, addling my hobo mind
No point making an idol of someone young, pretty and unobtainable
Living on wet dreams and half-awake ecstatic visions
To find someone who loves me as much as I love them
Unrequited love is smoking satanic factories of conformity and hopelessness
And searching for angels under piles of rotting corpses

To love someone who loves you is
Starlight and heavenly ecstacies
An echo of God’s quiet voice
A touch of divine Kerouac compassion
A race across the country in a stolen V8 Kingswood
A timeless kiss in sensual moonlight
Holding hands and not needing to speak
Apocalyptic fucking to vanquish solitude
A psychedelic sunflower sunset that blows up Centrelink
Blissful beatitude incarnate in woman’s form
Spitting in the festering face of death and cackling madly
For all true love is madness most succulent and holy

Beautiful people have beautiful lives-
Love is easy to find.
Ugly people have ugly lives-
Love is a dream and a gaping hole in soul.
Longing for touch is a way of life.
If the lights were out, the ugly wonder,
If anyone would dare to touch them,
Or kiss them full on the mouth and hold them.
Oh take me out my darling,
To where there’s music, and people, and beer.
Dance with me and make me forget the secret suffering of yearning for you.
Wipe out my loneliness with the power of your smile.
Help me not to think of myself as ugly,
As we square the circle of tedium that binds the town.

Hydra-headed balls-out motorbike insanity will rage against crypto-fascist propagandising all over the pubic public space.
The many hands and eyes of Tony Abbot will stultify us all and persecute us into deeper poverty.
Don’t let him grind you into bloody paste my pretty one-
Your astronaut mind is a rare and privileged thing, a cornucopia of wonders.
Love each neuron into a buzz of activity and let your mind frizzle and percolate with excitement.
And preserve those moments of peak experience that are meant to be rolled over on your tongue like a lozenge.
Times when a kiss freezes the universe, times when you feel loved,
Times when you see eternity peeking out from behind the clouds and shine on you.
Hydra-headed balls-out motorbike insanity and crypto-fascist propagandising then seem far away.

Difficult loves and complicated kisses:
My love burns electrically elusive and hard to get to know.
The unrequited essence of consummate loneliness is closer than compassion.
A tangle of words between us and no-one can find an end to untie them all.
Why can’t things be simple, an unvarnished love without the painful peccadilloes of primping prima-donnas.

Difficult loves and complicated kisses:
Bent out of shape in a spiralling emotional pretzel,
Wanting to be together but failing again and again iteratively,
Stretching out forever in search of unity,
Missing the subtle signals of secret love in gesture and speech.

Difficult loves and complicated kisses:
Aching with baffling passion for an unknowable consummation,
It’s near to impossible when love consists entirely of hesitation.
So fleeting the flirting that hints at an ending,
I may just give up and settle for befriending.

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