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He  turned around and said
“Life is passing me by
And soon I will die
I seem to be having a problem with my lifestyle
Sitting in the detritus of my life
Festering away in daydreams
Counting ear weasel delusions
Breaking wind and smoking bongs
Mired in mental excrement
Emitting waste and crap all over the floor
Beer bottles, Energy drink cans
Empty cigarette butts, filthy plates
Life at an easy pace in subterranean sickness
Sorrowing, breathing, dying inside
Snapping time into chunks with cigarettes
Watching TV
Dicking around on the iphone
Waiting for something to happen”

How do I think about how to be good,
Smoking less pot and drinking less beer?
Cigarettes not marking out the measures of time?
Seeing Jesus dance out the light from the darkness?
The Word manifest and coruscating is now more real than ever.
Motors of terrible guilt now,
Find me at the edge of tomorrow.
And if I get there will the beauty still bloom?
Will I turn into one of those wankers who hate homosexuals?
Will it seem like it’s all over now or go on forever?
Right thought and right actions for the least of these my brothers,
Praxis shining out like a light on a hill.
A saint by almost breathing in the whole Spirit,
Until it sucks at my bones and leaves me wise and infinite in the image of God.