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Posted: March 31, 2017 in poetry
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I don’t know why I spend so much time looking at lesbian porn

It is a sad and lonely pastime

I suspect they’re probably just gay for pay

Is it because I can’t imagine myself in the scenario

Or just because I don’t like looking at cocks

I knew a woman

Like a mirror image

Who liked looking at gay male porn

I’m sure that lesbians are 20 percent cooler than straight people

Just because they don’t need men

And they’ve always seemed really cool to me

Let’s face it men suck ass

I hate myself for being a man

I hate myself for being lonely

I hate myself for being fat

I hate myself for being over forty and not young and funky

I am a sad individual

I am going to die alone





The machinery that turns boys to men
Is an awful contraption
Old as the pyramids
It cuts and hacks away
Sentiment, emotion and tears
Theatricality, fabulousness, kindness and gentleness
Leaving a hollowed out shell of a person
Anything feminine or gay is hacked out
By your peers and by your parents
As there is nothing worse for a heterosexual man than being feminine
Yet another macho dominant asshole is born
Complete with homophobic slurs
Muscle-bound machismo
Sexism and racism
And raw animal lust
And feminists complain about this which is entirely justified
But ask them if they would sleep with a non-dominant male
And the true depth of the problem emerges

Crazy with a straitjacket in a Psychiatric

I wonder what it would be like to have a wife
I wonder this a lot until the meme eats into my brain and repeats continuously
What would it be like
What would it be like
To have someone to listen to my bullshit
And tell me that everything will be okay when I’m depressed
Someone to tell me that she loves me when it seems like rabid wookies are at the door
When the schizophrenics gibber and the bipolars polarize
When the autistics discuss their interests and the learning disabled drool
She would be there for me
When the dominant males preen and the poets dream
When the vicious harridans howl and the posers pontificate
She would be there for me
Every person needs a companion
Say the cold fingers of genetic fate around my throat
My soul screams for unity in togetherness
My soul howls for love

If I had a wife
I would insert the words ‘my wife’ into myriad sentences
Like women always insert the words ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my husband’ when they’re talking to me
Just so I think they’re taken whether they’re single or not and I don’t have a chance in hell
I’d say things like
My wife has a stomach ache
My wife loves to eat peaches
My wife is a divine angel of pure light and her breasts smell like strawberries
My wife gave me a most excellent blow-job this morning and now the whole universe sparkles with possibilities

Somewhere between divine and human
Loved forever no matter how much this crazy world longs for the abyss
She will be my soul mate and my partner in crime
My dearest confidante and my gorgeous honey-darling
My antithesis and my synthesis
I wonder if she’s out there now
Locked up in some kafkaesque insane asylum tied down on a stretcher, overdosing on anti-psychotics
I might channel Sean Connery’s James Bond and go and rescue her
If only I knew where she was
Or if she even exists


Wonder at the Earth- a jewel in black velvet space
Sea blue globe with swirling clouds like ripped gauze
Stars pinpricking light into my eyes
Each one a sun, maybe with planets rotating around in an ancient spin
Each one a whole encompassing reality for it’s inhabitants
And cryptic crazy aliens meeting my gaze across the cosmos with greenish translucent skin and feet like frogs
Each one of us living out the meaningless tedium of life
Buoyed by intermittent bursts of serendipity and joy
Overwhelmed by emotions at times
Like tidal waves crashing on sandy shores
We must hold them in and then forget them
Oh to be free of this puzzle box life
Stuck on the Earth with all the other suffering beings
I dream of whirling my brain through galaxies and nebulas,
Dodging black-holes, spiralling across the universe
A spirit on axis grokking the cosmic light at hyper-speed
Hold my hand while we encompass each flaming star
And dance with me my darling, as time bends around us


Predator patrolling
Muscle-bound man-puppet looking for sex
Eyes slit sweeping the perimeter
Looking for women-prey
In skirts,
Bouncing breasts
Full of life, vivacious and energetic
Full lips, white teeth smiling, shaking their long hair
Curvy hips- so pretty
Here comes the Predator to suck out their life-force
High nihilist ego-tripper
Looking for a fuck
Hidden in handsome appearance
Hiding in the gift of the gab
Impeccable self-esteem
Predator power-tripper
Meat-head soldier in a war of rape
Dominant male master expressing power
Brains in his dick, dick in his brains
Penile poison rage lurks
Solves his problems with his fists
Big cheese
Hunk of man-meat dominating everyone
Soldier in the war of the rich on the poor
Hunting gorgeous victims
Perverse player-layer of the weak, beautiful and self-absorbed
Muscle-bound malevolent mother-fucker
On the prowl for pussy

Your boyfriend thinks Matchbox Twenty are cool
Your boyfriend thinks Nickelback are cool
Your boyfriend doesn’t know who Iggy Pop is
Your boyfriend killed Kurt Cobain

Your boyfriend is excellent at sport
Your boyfriend thinks Bryce Courtenay is a good writer
Your boyfriend votes for Tony Abbot
Your boyfriend has very high testosterone levels

Your boyfriend likes to subjugate other people
Your boyfriend gets into fights when he’s pissed
Your boyfriend is a macho dominant asshole
Your boyfriend is the type of dickhead who beat me up at school

Your boyfriend is going to beat you if you marry him
If you didn’t give it up to him he would probably rape you
And is probably raping other women
Right now

Your boyfriend has a six pack
Your boyfriend has muscles on his muscles on his muscles
Your boyfriend is cheating on you with a stripper
Your boyfriend is a dominant alpha male

Your boyfriend is a dildo-brain
Your boyfriend is a dick-brain
Your boyfriend is a condom-brain
Your boyfriend is a butt-plug-brain

Your boyfriend is a racist, a sexist, and a homophobe
Your boyfriend is an embodiment of Patriarchy
But you’ll never know it because he hides it well
With his excellent social manipulation skills

Your boyfriend thinks drugs are for mugs
Your boyfriend drinks Bourbon and coke
Your boyfriend thinks that women belong in the kitchen
But he wouldn’t say that to you

Your boyfriend makes football players look like feminists
Your boyfriend can only feel aggression or lust and shuts out all other emotions
Your boyfriend beats his meat to pictures of horses fucking
Your boyfriend exudes toxic masculinity

Your boyfriend likes to fist cows
Your boyfriend sucks on sadism sauce
Your boyfriend has balls of brass and an iron plated ass
Your boyfriend has nostrils of plastic and ceramic eyebrows

Your boyfriend always has to be on top
Your boyfriend doesn’t believe in foreplay
Your boyfriend has a mundane cock
Your boyfriend lasts for two minutes

Your boyfriend is covered in soft green nylon fur
Your boyfriend has potassium kneecaps like rubber bands and an origami sphincter
Your boyfriend has helium cheek bones and a cucumber up his ass
Your boyfriend has plasticine gonads and porcelain ear lobes

Your boyfriend doesn’t act like an asshole in front of you because he wants to fuck you
And every time you fuck him you reinforce and validate his behaviour
And every time you fuck him his ego and bloated self-esteem get bigger
So that he can kick the shit out of anyone weaker than him
And oppress everyone who meets him


Posted: February 1, 2015 in poetry
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From when boys are very young
We’re told by our peers and our parents and the media soaked culture:
Don’t be a girl
Don’t be like them
And we don’t know how wonderful a girl is.
Who wouldn’t want to be like that?
And when we’re older the macho men ask us as they pin us to the wall:
Are you a fag?
Hey fag, is that your boyfriend?
You fucking loser!
Soft cock!
You’re letting the team down by not being a real man.
Well are you a man?
Are you?
Do you want to feel nothing but anger and hate for anyone different to you?
Do you want to use violence and the threat of violence to solve all your problems?
Do you want to learn to fight and play football?
Toxic masculinity
Stupid women dig it
Be a badass mother-fucker
People will respect you
Be one of the boys
And the pack of dominant males won’t beat you up so much
Perhaps they’ll even accept you
As an offering on the altar of suburban sentiment
Whatever you do, don’t cry
Don’t think too much and never reveal your emotions
You won’t have to be afraid
You won’t be like a girl
You won’t be like a woman
You won’t be like a blackfella
You won’t be like a gay person
People will take you seriously
Your bullshit matters
Because you’re a straight white man
And everyone else can go fuck themselves


Posted: January 15, 2015 in poetry
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When I’m feeling a little loco
And doubting my value as a man
Because I’ve been reading too many radical feminist websites
And I’ve run out of weed
I imagine myself dying in my fifties
In a room with windows so dirty that they are opaque
Percolating the funk of death in my own muck
Red nose like a bloody cartoon reindeer
Bloated, stretch-marked beer belly and the indelible wounds of drink and drugs all over my wrinkled face
Not Keith Richards- just a fucked up old man
Drool sliding down my dirty shirt
Terminally uncool and terminated
Soaking in rigor mortis
Discarded like an old commercial pop song
Having died alone with no-one to love
Forgotten and friendless
Abandoned and hopeless
Omega male
My name written in water
A malodorous corpse in a festering room with shelves crammed with poetry
By my heroes and heroines