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Predator patrolling
Muscle-bound man-puppet looking for sex
Eyes slit sweeping the perimeter
Looking for women-prey
In skirts,
Bouncing breasts
Full of life, vivacious and energetic
Full lips, white teeth smiling, shaking their long hair
Curvy hips- so pretty
Here comes the Predator to suck out their life-force
High nihilist ego-tripper
Looking for a fuck
Hidden in handsome appearance
Hiding in the gift of the gab
Impeccable self-esteem
Predator power-tripper
Meat-head soldier in a war of rape
Dominant male master expressing power
Brains in his dick, dick in his brains
Penile poison rage lurks
Solves his problems with his fists
Big cheese
Hunk of man-meat dominating everyone
Soldier in the war of the rich on the poor
Hunting gorgeous victims
Perverse player-layer of the weak, beautiful and self-absorbed
Muscle-bound malevolent mother-fucker
On the prowl for pussy


Twist my fistula you festering fuck-nosed dildo dangler
Consumer identikit corporate oppressive asshole
Your mother was a Walrus and your father stank of corruption
Suck on my sausage weasel and inhale the odour of dead dogs
I know you fisted the ass of the ship of state
I know you insinuate yourself into myriad high-level machinations
I know you are Illuminati and Elders of Zion
I know you are a well-spring of malignant evil
Oozing out like an oil spill on pristine reef

Look at yourself in your Gucci suit and strangulating pedestrian tie
With your ozone flavoured brain and money funnel fists
With your perverted knees and mouth full of fleas
With your kleptomaniac dagger-fingers and leprous gaping grin
With your banana boat ears and broken piano teeth
With your parasitic mouth and gangrenous temperament

In your inner eye a flicker-show of death, pain and cannibalistic lust
In your reptile brain pyramid schemes and retail vacuum dreams
In your mind inside your mind an infinite regression of self-similar malevolent automatons
All strategizing domination and control of poor and destitute people
By counting stock prices and watching the Dow-Jones index
To plot ever more efficient and productive economic mind-matrices
To embody oppression in each tastefully chosen good and service
As a self-absorbing sponge soaking up last pennies of battlers

fractalSometimes things get complicated
By regulations, requirements, rules and ordinances
By petty men in suits who peer into our lives in hope of finding crime or scandal
By busy bodies who can’t keep their mouths shut and always want to stick their metaphysical oar into the pulleys and gears of our lives
By greed-head bean-counters who see people as indistinguishable from their income
By Kafkaesque, hierarchical, transistorized spider webs of oppression
By Masons, ASIO, pigs, judges and politicians
They grind us into a gooey paste which stinks of suffering
There is no reason that things have be this complicated
But some people like it that way

The Beast

Posted: August 27, 2014 in poetry
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Breaking its back the garrulous beast cracks the moonlight in its bones.
The beast has many claws and horns but it still suffers, it still bleeds.
Sucking society through its wounds,
It grunts between spasms of suffering,
Then cries like a sick pony.
Barriers to compassion break down,
Time stands straight as a soldier
Memory and fortune are drunk on whiskey and off carousing.
I wail against the fangs of oppression and the pain of the beast,
For in the pain of the unfortunate beast is all our pain.

Woman tell me:
When you were a little girl did you want to be a princess or a fairy?
Woman tell me:
Is the world a falling wall of endless cocks trying to twist out of their fixings to plunge into your secret treasure?
Woman tell me:
Is there a mass of hands reaching out to touch you where you would prefer not to be touched?
Woman tell me:
Why don’t you like me? Why won’t you like me? All I ever wanted was for you to like me.
Love is another issue.
Woman tell me:
Do you wonder who wants you? Who doesn’t want you? Who doesn’t care?
Woman tell me:
Why is confidence so important? Every asshole has confidence. All the monsters in the world have confidence as they have no soul or humility.
Woman tell me:
Does it hurt you when I sneak a glance at your beautiful round ass? Am I objectifying you?
Woman tell me:
Do I frighten you? Am I too needy? Am I too strange? Am I too creepy?
Woman tell me:
Do you feel alone like I do? Do you long for union? Or is it just me?
Woman tell me:
Should I buy you a drink? Should I open the door for you? Am I sexist?
Woman tell me:
Will the suffragettes come to castrate me in the late night anal darkness?
Woman tell me:
Who do you love? Who do you want to love? Am I unloveable?
Woman tell me:
Did someone abuse you? Did all men abuse you? Did God abuse you?
I curse all mankind if one of us has hurt,
Someone as wonderful as you.