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Feeling contorted with unpleasant feelings

Sinking and aching within pilgrim pain

Sentient sequences blinding and binding

I feel you near me and it all starts again


Lazily clinging to your embraces

Telephone temptations and visions of fire

Weird coincidences in disparate places

Feeling a little unhinged and quite wired


Cellophane moments with you by my side

Porcelain skin and silken hair

I turn the screw while you burn the tide

You leave me hungry, you bleed me bare


Let’s keep on walking whatever offends us

Let’s keep on shining like fireflies

Let’s keep our shit in a semblance of togetherness

Let’s keep on mooching until we die


Biding my time
Thinking of drinking women like wine
Realizing it might kill me
But what a way to go
Going fast then slow
Immersed in breasts and thighs and kisses
Throbbing in the flesh-light of their beauty

Biding my time
Thinking of utter dissolution
As the real solution
To what to do to truly be
Drugs are all that I can see
To alter pilgrim minds
And leave the world behind

Biding my time
Examining my last breath
Meditating on death
As the merry-go-round turns
And tortured horses charge in circles
When will it end?
When will it end?

My Vandal Heart

Posted: June 25, 2014 in poetry
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My vandal heart heaves for the broken sky,
That thunders my deficiencies to the earth,
That sky that hides a heaven in its circle,
Obscures God’s throne from my unyielding eye.

My pilgrim soul is eager for the way,
That winnows the dreams of the drunken saints,
And appreciates that we are made of dust.
My spirit aches to know of blazing days.

And when I’m drunk or stoned or lost in love,
That prodigal God is still a near companion,
For a lost and ragamuffin mob of shiftless souls,
Who will meet He who comes down from above.