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Here’s to the wild ones, the weird ones
Who take a crap on the desk at Centrelink with a shit-eating grimace on their faces and demand to be addressed as Jesus Christ
Who go wild on whiskey or whatever and run amuck through the back-alleys and cheap boarding houses of Perth
Who polish their guts with bourbon and stoke their tobacco fires constantly
Who cry out against that military industrial mind-fuck- the consumerist gobbledegook of advertising
Who always know where to get good drugs and how to avoid getting ripped off by other, meaner freaks
Who want to bring down capitalism and Nickleback with a single gesture of flagrant love
Who when captured by the pigs paint a Sistine Chapel of shit all over their cells and gibber like gibbons
Who keep detailed records of the worldwide conspiracy of Masons to achieve world domination by writing on the insides of gum wrappers
Who write their lives all over the public walls of the city in murals that would scare a representative member of society- whatever that is
Who ricochet through late-night hipster bars clad in tattoos and tobacco and get kicked out for questioning the purpose of the universe
Who participate in threesomes with persons of indeterminate gender in the late-night anal darkness
Who plunder the night for kicks and hi-jinks and scare the crap out of the forces of conformity
Who preen and style for fashion darlings in op-shop rags with multiple piercings
As they bless the world, may God bless them all


Please don’t bring me down:
With your cocaine greed and your suburban sentiments,
With your methane safari lust and your keeping up with the neighbours,
With your Charles Manson smile on your wolf-like teeth,
With your mobile phone calls and your cut-throat razor witticisms,
With your knowledge of suffering and your refusal to act.

Hey, you, I’m talking to you- with your policeman haircut and shiny shoes.
You act like an overlord and boss people around,
You metamorphosize into a photo-gallery of Satan’s faces,
You plunder and rape your way through your pestilent life.
Your eyes are dead until you swallow love, then they are in flame.
You always look good to the outside world, but underneath you are hepatitis-c-filled syringes and used condoms.
Cellophane Worker, Insolent Parasite, Tedious Evil.