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Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock

Pass into the twilight with no pain
Don’t show your wounds to all the flagrant girls
The world will yield excitement to your brain
So oceans open up and give their pearls

Pass within the twilight for no gain
And raise your wounds with all who can perceive
The melancholic meaning becomes strained
A testament to all who would believe

Pass the thread of twilight through your brain
And spend yourself against a boab tree
The rubbish men are coming round again
Your womanly ways are heavenly to me


Posted: April 11, 2014 in poetry
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I can’t drink as much as Bukowski,
No matter how hard I try.
I start well with beers and then it gets weird,
I feel like I’m going to die.

I load up on whiskey and bourbon,
But then act like a lunatic,
I fall over in a spectacular way,
And end up violently sick.

No I can’t drink as much as Bukowski,
Of beer, wine and whiskey,
Or score so many insane women,
I’m just not that very frisky.

When I try to drink as much as Bukowski,
I line up beers and wine,
I fall on my ass with a complete lack of class,
And feel stupid and sillier all of the time.

And so when I try to get drunk as Bukowski,
I say inappropriate things,
I embarrass most everyone who knows me,
Because I am the bullfrog that sings.

I can’t drink mate but I can smoke,
So I might as well get high,
I get stoned as ten Bob Marleys,
I’m just not as cool as that drunken old guy.

Changes by Jeremy Steele