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The sunlight bludgeons the earth till it squeezes out the edges,
Morning is breaking all over the ground like an incandescent egg.
The eucalyptus trees whisper softly in a slow murmuring breath of wind,
And the birds call each other with inscrutable sounds.
A kookaburra’s insane laugh booms through the land,
And the elusive fragrance of wattle is in the air.
Granite outcrops are silent sentinels, watching over the bush.
I sing the beauty of this land, its endless deserts, plains and mountains,
I sing the unique birds, animals and plants, their fecundity and claws.
Wide to the ends of space is the Bush,
So easy to be lost in.
A pin in an infinite haystack,
But in it is the heart of the nation.

‘What are you thinking?’

Posted: June 5, 2014 in poetry
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‘What are you thinking?’ she asks
When I lie there blissful in the closeness of it all
Fully exposed for all to see
Naked in bed staring into her beautiful misty brown eyes
And yet she likes me enough to sleep with me
I have never felt such joy
Or does she even love me
It doesn’t seem to matter
She mounts and lowers on top of me and our bodies are locked together
I put my hands on her breasts as our bodies shimmer and shake together
We are one organism in the unity of orgasm, a writhing mess of limbs and orifices,
We are bound with a bond that changes us both and we relish the togetherness of it all
But eventually it will end with few tears and I will be alone again