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The crackle of clumsiness

As I attempt to communicate

While drunk as Boris Yeltsin

And only end up freaking women out

And being that creepy guy

That incel waste of space exuding desperation

When I was just trying to be friendly

And not trying

To get into their pants

Or at least trying not to think about it

Or look like I was thinking about it

After the first rejection

Comes the second

And that’s okay

It’s after the hundredth rejection in a row

When not even looking for anything sexual

That the depression really sets in

Like a cancer of the brain


The machinery that turns boys to men
Is an awful contraption
Old as the pyramids
It cuts and hacks away
Sentiment, emotion and tears
Theatricality, fabulousness, kindness and gentleness
Leaving a hollowed out shell of a person
Anything feminine or gay is hacked out
By your peers and by your parents
As there is nothing worse for a heterosexual man than being feminine
Yet another macho dominant asshole is born
Complete with homophobic slurs
Muscle-bound machismo
Sexism and racism
And raw animal lust
And feminists complain about this which is entirely justified
But ask them if they would sleep with a non-dominant male
And the true depth of the problem emerges


I could tell I’d freaked you out
You said ‘That’s offensive especially for women. Let’s stop talking about that stuff.’
And my stomach knotted into a ball, and my balls crawled up inside me
I thought of how lonely for female company I was
How desperate to impress
I realized I’d blown it and been offensive
Oh God, don’t let me be a servant of the patriarchy
I don’t want to oppress anyone
My language about my flirting lessons is not appropriate
My attitude to women is not appropriate
It has a hint of hunger
It has a hint of lust
It has a hint of objectification
It has a hint of sexism
It has a stench of fear
It has a stench of desperation
It has a stench of ignorance
It has a stench of idolatry
I don’t want to be a gibbering maniac with a rapist mind
Please don’t think I’m a monster or a creeper
I’m just so lonely that I feel like I’m dying inside from the ground up
Inch by inch turning into a statue
Soon to be made a psychological eunuch
By sexual deprivation, frustration and loneliness


Conform, conform, conform

Get your tedious thoughts from commercial television

Here’s a current-affair-today-tonight thought for you

You are a human dildo with a vestigial brain

Get your tedious dreams from advertisements and internet

Holiday in Bali

Get hypnotized by a smart phone

Buy something quickly before your brain seizes up

Consume, consume, consume

‘Oh my God,’ it’s a new bathroom

Watch the football and worship identikit musclebound dick-wads

Dockers or Eagles

All feebleminded macho dominant rapist assholes

In your brick boxes infecting like chicken pox all over the blackfella’s land

An infestation of suburban mediocrity

Exponentially multiplying identikit upwardly-mobile photo-shop families of chock full of morons

Fuck your suburban dreams and shopping-centre schemes

Fuck your football frenzies and capitalist ass-play

Fuck your home improvement and celebrity bingo bullshit

Fuck your ‘say no to drugs’ and two standard drinks

Fuck your Anzac day worship of war

Fuck your Team Australia and Islamophobia

Fuck your Tony Abbot and terrorism paranoia

Fuck your casual racism and sexism

Fuck your drunken wife-beating and misogyny

Fuck your brand new ute and crappy corporate rock

Fuck your amateur-Australia-day-drunks and mediocre fire-works

Please try to have an original thought in your head

Just one

Just once

It would be such a shock to the whole stupid system

Your boyfriend thinks Matchbox Twenty are cool
Your boyfriend thinks Nickelback are cool
Your boyfriend doesn’t know who Iggy Pop is
Your boyfriend killed Kurt Cobain

Your boyfriend is excellent at sport
Your boyfriend thinks Bryce Courtenay is a good writer
Your boyfriend votes for Tony Abbot
Your boyfriend has very high testosterone levels

Your boyfriend likes to subjugate other people
Your boyfriend gets into fights when he’s pissed
Your boyfriend is a macho dominant asshole
Your boyfriend is the type of dickhead who beat me up at school

Your boyfriend is going to beat you if you marry him
If you didn’t give it up to him he would probably rape you
And is probably raping other women
Right now

Your boyfriend has a six pack
Your boyfriend has muscles on his muscles on his muscles
Your boyfriend is cheating on you with a stripper
Your boyfriend is a dominant alpha male

Your boyfriend is a dildo-brain
Your boyfriend is a dick-brain
Your boyfriend is a condom-brain
Your boyfriend is a butt-plug-brain

Your boyfriend is a racist, a sexist, and a homophobe
Your boyfriend is an embodiment of Patriarchy
But you’ll never know it because he hides it well
With his excellent social manipulation skills

Your boyfriend thinks drugs are for mugs
Your boyfriend drinks Bourbon and coke
Your boyfriend thinks that women belong in the kitchen
But he wouldn’t say that to you

Your boyfriend makes football players look like feminists
Your boyfriend can only feel aggression or lust and shuts out all other emotions
Your boyfriend beats his meat to pictures of horses fucking
Your boyfriend exudes toxic masculinity

Your boyfriend likes to fist cows
Your boyfriend sucks on sadism sauce
Your boyfriend has balls of brass and an iron plated ass
Your boyfriend has nostrils of plastic and ceramic eyebrows

Your boyfriend always has to be on top
Your boyfriend doesn’t believe in foreplay
Your boyfriend has a mundane cock
Your boyfriend lasts for two minutes

Your boyfriend is covered in soft green nylon fur
Your boyfriend has potassium kneecaps like rubber bands and an origami sphincter
Your boyfriend has helium cheek bones and a cucumber up his ass
Your boyfriend has plasticine gonads and porcelain ear lobes

Your boyfriend doesn’t act like an asshole in front of you because he wants to fuck you
And every time you fuck him you reinforce and validate his behaviour
And every time you fuck him his ego and bloated self-esteem get bigger
So that he can kick the shit out of anyone weaker than him
And oppress everyone who meets him


Posted: January 23, 2015 in poetry
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Hands that grope your ass
Uninvited in darkness
Men pretending to be your friend just to fuck you
Men pretending to be astronauts or fighter pilots just to fuck you
Men pretending to be rich or wearing ridiculous clothes just to fuck you
Men shouting ‘nice arse’, ‘show us your tits’, and ‘I’d do you’ from passing cars
Men reciting tired superannuated lines
Being told you should shave your legs
Being told you should not show too much skin
Being told you’re a slut if you do
And it’s your fault if you get harassed
Being a body and never a brain
Feeling emptied of personhood by constant harassment
Feeling that all men care about is your body
Fearing rape by a friend or a boyfriend
And being told it’s your fault if it happens
Continuously having your boundaries violated by creeps
I hope I understand
Perhaps I don’t
But I’m so different
I feel like a brain without a body
Woman, teach me
Show me your pain
Show me your life
Show me your love
Show me your fears
Show me your joys
Much more than love, all you need is empathy
As Kurt Cobain wrote in his suicide note

Woman tell me:
When you were a little girl did you want to be a princess or a fairy?
Woman tell me:
Is the world a falling wall of endless cocks trying to twist out of their fixings to plunge into your secret treasure?
Woman tell me:
Is there a mass of hands reaching out to touch you where you would prefer not to be touched?
Woman tell me:
Why don’t you like me? Why won’t you like me? All I ever wanted was for you to like me.
Love is another issue.
Woman tell me:
Do you wonder who wants you? Who doesn’t want you? Who doesn’t care?
Woman tell me:
Why is confidence so important? Every asshole has confidence. All the monsters in the world have confidence as they have no soul or humility.
Woman tell me:
Does it hurt you when I sneak a glance at your beautiful round ass? Am I objectifying you?
Woman tell me:
Do I frighten you? Am I too needy? Am I too strange? Am I too creepy?
Woman tell me:
Do you feel alone like I do? Do you long for union? Or is it just me?
Woman tell me:
Should I buy you a drink? Should I open the door for you? Am I sexist?
Woman tell me:
Will the suffragettes come to castrate me in the late night anal darkness?
Woman tell me:
Who do you love? Who do you want to love? Am I unloveable?
Woman tell me:
Did someone abuse you? Did all men abuse you? Did God abuse you?
I curse all mankind if one of us has hurt,
Someone as wonderful as you.