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Posted: May 7, 2014 in poetry
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Just one more drink to warm the bones and cool the throat,
Just one more drink to burn up hate,
Just one more drink to knock down death,
Just one more drink then a torrent of love,
Just one more drink to break conformity and cripple mediocrity,
Just one more drink to set the night alight,
And keep the fascists from the door.
To tingle the toes and bring a smile to an old man’s face,
To comfort the empty heart and scratch the balls of destiny,
To kill time and make sanity beg for mercy,
To dredge the unconscious for songs of fun and debauchery,
To make something happen.
The bottles are all around me, these empty husks of nothing,
Testify to a love of excess and an excess of love.
I turn on the Pogues and sing along to a rebel song,
Of death and love and drink and true religion,
Banjos and fiddles and Irish punk rock jiggery.
So let’s drink to Shane Macgowan and his liver and his brain,
Open up another beer and drink it down again.