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I believe that Jesus would have loved Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’

I believe that Jesus was a refugee and that Jesus was a socialist,

I believe that the religious right is taking over churches all over the world,

I believe this is why millenials with brains are leaving in droves.

Franklin Graham was endorsed in my parent’s church with not a whisper of dissent,

A very liberal Muslim was made to feel uncomfortable by all the Zionist bullshit.

I know that eighty percent of Christians are conservatives and that most conservative theology is toxic

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t very honest and decent conservative Christians,

But they are in the minority.

I know that some progressive theology is also toxic

Sometimes identity politics can get a little out of hand.

But progressives are closer to the message of Jesus.

I believe that Scott Morrison has the spirit of the antichrist,

As does Donald Trump,

As does Franklin Graham,

As does Margaret Court.

The prosperity doctrine embodies the spirit of the Antichrist.

I believe you can be a Christian Buddhist or a Christian Muslim

I believe that Jesus was a Zen Buddhist- just check out the Gospel of Thomas.

Buddhism and Christianity have a hell a lot in common

And the doctrine of the Boddhisatva was probably borrowed into Buddhism from Christianity!

I believe that religion is like a mountain with many paths to the top.

Sincere persons of faith will probably find Jesus or Yahweh or Allah or Krishna or Freya or Hecate or Buddha or Brahma at the top

As they are all exactly the same deity

But probably not L Ron Hubbard as scientology is a total scam.

I believe that mystics in all religions have more in common with each other than dogmatists, fundamentalists and other religious fascists in their own faiths.

Noam Chomsky says that the greatest threat to world peace comes from white republican evangelicals in the USA

And he’s a pretty clever piggelie,

The Einstein of linguistics.

I believe I can give up on evangelism with its colonialist roots and just let the Holy Spirit talk to the heart of the believer.

I believe that real faith questions authority and doesn’t accept prefabricated ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ answers.

I believe that interfaith dialogue and open set religion is the only possible way forward.

I believe that I can give up on Christianity and Christendom

With its homophobia, transphobia, sexism, paedophilia and

violent crusader history.

But not on Jesus.




Send me through the center of your heart


Tear my corpulence apart.


Bless my suicidal thoughts with tenderness


Wait with me while I’m in a mess


Do you forgive pedos?


Do you forgive me?


Do you forgive everyone?

No matter what they’ve done


What’s it like to be you

Why can’t I be like you?


I’m walking with you

Even if you don’t exist

The Spirit

Posted: June 1, 2014 in poetry
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I am the spirit of these death-wish times,
I am the ferry in slow motion journeys across consciousness,
I am lightning and fear of ducks,
I am the ionosphere of longing.
All who have ears, let them hear:
I am the crux of vain suspension of disbelief,
A vein in the tattooed neck of inscrutability,
I watch while you carry out your schemes and laugh at your failures.
I am there if you win or lose and I am transparent with satisfaction in the hooligan night.
I am there when you are shaking with loneliness in an empty room,
I watch while you drink to colourise your soul,
And I watch while you sleep.

Take me to a place where infinite love is an everlasting fire,
Where there are no victims because there are no victimizers,
Where the voice of Jesus is heard loudly and clearly saying ‘Shalom.’
Where the tree of life gives its leaves to children of God for their healing,
Where all live as brothers and sisters and no-one goes hungry or thirsty, no-one is without a place to stay,
The universe will be radiant then with no corruption or tears,
No-one is howling with loneliness in a cheap room,
Or drinking themselves to death because they have a hole in their soul,
Or ignoring their kids and wishing their life would end,
All are imitating Jesus’ love and not each other’s rage or pain,
Imitating his love for the neighbour and the other,
And from love, truth, creativity and hope flow like a torrential river,
Art mystifies and glorifies God in the kingdom of Heaven,
Where the lion lies down with the lamb,
And the whole earth sings new melodies out of the wonders of God’s eternal unconditional love.


Posted: May 7, 2014 in poetry
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I wandered to an ancient cave in a mountain on a plain,
Around the cave entrance were Aramaic inscriptions, warnings of doom.
Within were creatures with fangs and eyes in no rational proportion,
Uneven face ratios asymmetrical and strange,
Wriggling over each other like maggots in pus,
With tongues and lips grotesque and mangled protrusions of flesh for no purpose besides the bearing of a horn,
And assholes sucking and blowing filth covering them like pustules.
The noise they make is unspeakable,
A howling growling hullabaloo,
And the stench is unbearable from the writhing wriggling expulsions of filth.
Hiding in a forgotten corner of the world, vanishing in an instant to lurk in the hearts of the innocent,
Each one is a blackening the warp and weft of the web of reality.
Their names are many and they serve one master with an awful creed.
They whisper hate and madness into the soul of the unsuspecting sinner.
The ruler of this world of suffering and sorrow,
Knows each one by name for they are his creatures.
But the darkness will not devour the light,
For there is a saviour truer than law, brighter than sunlight, aching with love,
He will redeem us from their power.


Posted: March 16, 2014 in poetry
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Lord Jesus this is a messed up world,
We need you more than ever.
Greed-heads run rampant, stomping their victims into poverty in designer boots,
And everyone wants more consumer garbage- it’s all Mammon to you and me.

Send your spirit now to soak and chill the world:
Help us feed the poor and break the chains of the oppressed
And let the gays and lesbians run free.
Let the meek and humble inherit your whole blossoming earth,
Made fruitful by the abandonment of sin.
Help me to bring your kingdom in by loving you and all people,
And declare a year of the Lord’s favour,
When all debts are forgiven and all slaves are freed.

How do I think about how to be good,
Smoking less pot and drinking less beer?
Cigarettes not marking out the measures of time?
Seeing Jesus dance out the light from the darkness?
The Word manifest and coruscating is now more real than ever.
Motors of terrible guilt now,
Find me at the edge of tomorrow.
And if I get there will the beauty still bloom?
Will I turn into one of those wankers who hate homosexuals?
Will it seem like it’s all over now or go on forever?
Right thought and right actions for the least of these my brothers,
Praxis shining out like a light on a hill.
A saint by almost breathing in the whole Spirit,
Until it sucks at my bones and leaves me wise and infinite in the image of God.

my piggies

my piggies

Mary and Martha are my post-evangelical guinea pigs,
They don’t believe in penal substitution,
And emphasize God’s love over his wrath.
They love all their neighbours gay, addicted, promiscuous, black or white.
They love their God by instinct,
And in between eating their own poo, paper and vegetables;
And making all manner of fascinating noises,
They offer sound counsel.
Wheek Wheek! Rumble Rumble! Wheek Wheek!
They shake their bottoms while they rumble,
Then Martha mounts Mary in lesbionic joy.


Posted: February 25, 2014 in poetry
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Who tied flesh to bone and pulled this body up from dust?
Who blew the Spirit and marrow through the bones
Who was it that tied the flesh and knotted sinew in the darkest places?
Who stuck eye ball to socket?
Who raised these bones to see the light?
Who saw them live and said that it was good?
A roaring reversal of decay!
These bones will live and the Spirit sings them to life.
Round and round the flesh is wound,
Pulling the bones into perfect connections.
Perfect now, complete, fulfilled to overflowing,
He makes an immaculate body for life eternal.
Surely we will sparkle star-bright when all the sea is gone,
And find infinity in the bosom of the father.