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You and me baby against the jet-plane gigallos
You and me baby against the pornographic priestesses
You and me baby against leprosy and fascist verse
You and me baby against dead soul celebration and poison pretension

You and me baby with pustules and pus
You and me baby with dinosaurs and sets of drawers
You and me baby with wonders of science and lies of creation
You and me baby with a golden thread of truth in our garments

You and me baby under the Christ-light and dripping with sexual magnetism
You and me baby under thunder and over lightning
You and me baby encased in sarcastic babbling
You and me baby entranced by knowledge of nothingness

You and me baby fighting in a Tim-tam war with Coles
You and me baby fighting the war on mediocrity with secret statistics
You and me baby fighting with our bloated bellies to overcome capitalism
You and me baby fighting for revolution with our pants down

You and me baby- together at last


Hungry wind blows out from the festering grave
Weird meat on nauseating display
Love’s innocent wife is summer bright
She wears a stiff white linen dress and her breasts are bared
She suckles a grown man on nipple opiates

The wounded wind growls and wife weeps
Hot nerves at the base of her spine
Her body in rebellion
In need of rock-chested grace

Drifting sands blast across dead shrubs
Ruin lurches across the land
All around the crooked couple
The burning sand-grains sculpt meat so strong their blast

Her eyelids are dazzled with tears
Which run down her face like two sad and noble rivers
She does not love the man
She does not like the man
Lightning dissects the sky
Then thunder like the gods dropping furniture

Perversion, perversion no baby at the breast
Just the pulsing suck of the man with a murderous tongue getting high on nipple opiates
She stands on a rock available for all to see
With a naked man hanging from her breast like a bat

Depraved Madonna with hairy child
Coupled, corrupted and suffering
The man applies greater suction
The bride groans with electric agony as he drains her dry

My Vandal Heart

Posted: June 25, 2014 in poetry
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My vandal heart heaves for the broken sky,
That thunders my deficiencies to the earth,
That sky that hides a heaven in its circle,
Obscures God’s throne from my unyielding eye.

My pilgrim soul is eager for the way,
That winnows the dreams of the drunken saints,
And appreciates that we are made of dust.
My spirit aches to know of blazing days.

And when I’m drunk or stoned or lost in love,
That prodigal God is still a near companion,
For a lost and ragamuffin mob of shiftless souls,
Who will meet He who comes down from above.