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Conform, conform, conform

Get your tedious thoughts from commercial television

Here’s a current-affair-today-tonight thought for you

You are a human dildo with a vestigial brain

Get your tedious dreams from advertisements and internet

Holiday in Bali

Get hypnotized by a smart phone

Buy something quickly before your brain seizes up

Consume, consume, consume

‘Oh my God,’ it’s a new bathroom

Watch the football and worship identikit musclebound dick-wads

Dockers or Eagles

All feebleminded macho dominant rapist assholes

In your brick boxes infecting like chicken pox all over the blackfella’s land

An infestation of suburban mediocrity

Exponentially multiplying identikit upwardly-mobile photo-shop families of chock full of morons

Fuck your suburban dreams and shopping-centre schemes

Fuck your football frenzies and capitalist ass-play

Fuck your home improvement and celebrity bingo bullshit

Fuck your ‘say no to drugs’ and two standard drinks

Fuck your Anzac day worship of war

Fuck your Team Australia and Islamophobia

Fuck your Tony Abbot and terrorism paranoia

Fuck your casual racism and sexism

Fuck your drunken wife-beating and misogyny

Fuck your brand new ute and crappy corporate rock

Fuck your amateur-Australia-day-drunks and mediocre fire-works

Please try to have an original thought in your head

Just one

Just once

It would be such a shock to the whole stupid system


Death to Tony Abbot

Posted: July 16, 2014 in poetry
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If they let this vicious bastard,
Pass his budget through the senate,
He’ll screw the battlers through the floor and out the other-side.
I didn’t vote for the evil bat-eared budgie-smuggler did you?
Did your mum or dad or anyone you know?
The refugees get totally screwed,
For the next three years no matter what we do.

The rich will be richer the poor will be poorer,
Australia will be a meaner hungrier land,
You’ll pay more to go to the doctor,
You won’t get paid at all sometimes if you’re young and unemployed.

The poor and the destitute will stalk the land and remain poor and destitute.
Radiation of suffering will suffuse the land, weakening the spirit of the whole country.
And Australia will get colder and colder inside – it might turn into Syberia emotionally.
Who will rescue us from this greed-head fascist monster?
Baloney Abbot would be much better.