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Trip through life and suck on sky

These concrete moments make me high

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to die

Someday I will tell you why

Bend the twilight into shape

While the heavenly harridan gapes

Things fall to pieces, shattering into dust

Crackling, crinkling deforming as entropy increases

While the bird in my brain tweets inane gibberish to cauterize my mind

And my limbs become robotic in under a flagrant moon

The moon that sucks on my wound

Stars that pinprick my eyes

I’m dying, I’m frying

I’m flying, I’m flying

Over vast swaying fields of marijuana

Stinky green crumbly buds with orange hairs



Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock

Pass into the twilight with no pain
Don’t show your wounds to all the flagrant girls
The world will yield excitement to your brain
So oceans open up and give their pearls

Pass within the twilight for no gain
And raise your wounds with all who can perceive
The melancholic meaning becomes strained
A testament to all who would believe

Pass the thread of twilight through your brain
And spend yourself against a boab tree
The rubbish men are coming round again
Your womanly ways are heavenly to me