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I’ve never been to this place before.
Unfamiliar terrain: the scenery is out of kilter and strangely slanted.
Nothing is where it should be- the whole world seems to be warped by an insane god.
The plants are purple instead of green- the colour of sexual frustration- how appropriate.
The odour of sandalwood is in the air from thousands of sticks of incense.
I don’t recognise any of the birds: their cries sound like cats dying.
Very weird:
But you should never lose your will to be weird.

I’ve never been to this place before.
I’ve never sucked the insides out of a frog through its bum with a straw or blown up a frog like a balloon with the same straw.
I’ve never gobbled a monkey’s brain out of its skull with a silver spoon.
I’ve never masqueraded as a Wookie on public transport- though if I could get a costume I’d do it in a heartbeat.
I’ve never had sex with a goat: I imagine it would be furry, confusing and strangely unsatisfying.
Do or do not do-
Or end up stuck in paralysing goo.